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Mobile Compliance Audits & Inspections
A Single Point of Compliance Management
Generate Quality Scores & Reports
Create Risk Assessments - automatically
Schedule Audits & Risk Assessments
Track & Manage Remedial Tasks
Easy-to-Use Mobile App

3 Simple Steps



To create Room or Asset lists, simply use our SiteDatum Survey mobile app  to quickly & easily collect all the relevant information using your smartphone.


Press the 'Upload' button and we'll do the rest - from checking the data quality to setting up your auditors and mobile devices.



Choose from planned audits,scheduled by the system, 'on-device' audits or a combination of both.


The app is easy and intuitive to use and automatically creates non-conformances based on entered results. Can be used without an Internet connection or mobile phone signal - works anywhere!


PDF reports & task lists can be emailed directly from the device



Our comprehensive online 'Compliance Dashboard'  enables easy review and closure of Non-Conformances & Remedial Tasks.


The Dashboard has a wide range of Task lists, Reports, Analysis charts,

Temperature logbooks & Asset histories - all ready to print as PDF 

or download as Excel

NHS Housekeeping

Manage all your different Housekeeping audits with just one system:
Cleaning, Catering, Linen, Clinical waste, Medical gases...
we can create new audit types as well as custom reports for any type of audit or survey.
Cleaning Quality Audits

Specially designed for NHS National Standards of Cleanliness.

  • Quality scores & trends by Ward or Department.

  • Non-Conformances lists filtered by

    • Location (Ward,Department, Building/Wing etc)

    • Responsibility (Housekeeping, Nursing, Facilities etc)

  • 'To Do' task lists can be emailed from the Dashboard

  • Element Fault Analysis​
    • Which elements are failing most​ often.

  Request our 'NHS Cleanliness Reports' booklet.

Catering Audits

Monitor catering & food preparation key performance indicators :

  • Hygiene standards

  • HACCP compliance

  • Staff knowledge & training levels

Clinical Waste Management

Monitor how clinical and non-clinical waste bins are being used :

  • Identify potential reductions in high-cost incineration waste

  • Communicate results as part of staff awareness

  • Ensure compliance with European Waste Directive

Download an example of our Clinical Waste Report

Clinical Waste Report
Legionella Compliance
Manage all your Legionella  Control compliance with our two mobile apps and online Compliance Dashboard:
  • Monitoring to ACoP L8 - our online system creates a single point of L8 compliance management across multiple sites and mobile devices.
  • Risk Assessment (BS5430) survey app creates a fully-formatted multi-page document in minutes - customised to match your existing risk assessment and company branding.
Monitoring to ACoP L8

System generates scheduled tasks for water assets :

  • Tasks sent to mobile devices

  • Field staff, guided by the app, enter temperature & other task results

  • App assess results & automatically creates Non-Conformances

  • Results uploaded and Temperature Logbooks & Task lists immediately available in Compliance Dashboard.

Risk Assessments to BS8580

Automate the creation of your existing Risk Assessment documents :

  • Detailed RA survey forms on mobiles phones & tablets

  • Upload and then receive a fully-formatted Risk Assessment Word document by email within minutes

  • Customised to your existing Risk Assessment design

  • Use Risk Assessment asset data for the L8 Monitoring system


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